Asada Vietnam Co., Ltd.

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Địa chỉ : 441/86/27 Dien Bien Phu street, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Dist, HCMC, Vietnam
Điện thoại : 84-28-35124767
Fax : 84-28-35124766
Người đại diện : Nguyen Dinh Hung
Chức vụ/ Chức danh : Sales Manager

  • Asada, a professional manufacturing company, was founded in 1941 in Japan and has developed with the values and culture of the country.
    We supply reliable products all over the world. We believe that cooperation with people in each country supply is the key to providing useful products in each market.
    Cooperation begins with the individual relationship between you and me and expands to the people around me and the people around you.
    Those links expand and infinitely increase the possibilities for cooperation.
    Asada's linked 2 rings logo represents Asada's future and the infinite possibilities created by cooperation.
    Asada's top level technologies are used in maintaining critical water and energy lines and are selected and used on infrastructure construction sites all over the world.
    Our educational and promotional activities to spread the use of refrigerant recovery / reclaim / decomposition devices, especially to emerging nations, are contributing to the protection of the Ozone Layer and helping to prevent Global Warming.
    Together with you as our partner in the 21th century, Asada will be acting on the global stage and will be responding to the demands of the age with an outward-looking perspective.

  • - Plumbing Machines & Tools
    - Plasma Cutting & Welding Make-Up Tools
    - Hoists & Lifts
    - Cleaning & Maintenance
    - Refrigerant Service Tools
    - Copper Plumbing Tools
    - Refrigerant Recovery, Reclaim & Decomposition Devices



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